Digital Menu Boards

Multi Screen Touch Monitor

Multi Screen Touch software will work with monitors to display menus in restaurants, banks, bars and supermarkets. If you are using Multi Screen Touch Monitors as an extended or secondary monitor, the display will remain active even if the monitor is disconnected from the internet. Digital Menu TV has many types of monitors with software installation services that meet the demands of the Boston market, while remaining more affordable than standard market price.

Having a smart visual system in your restaurant or mall can charm clients and customers. Times are changing, and so is technology. New technology gives you a better option for displays in your business center. No need to stick to those old posters and printed menus for your restaurant or those leaflets for advertising your business when you can use our smart monitor displays to draw in customers in a new and exciting way.

We provide smart modern technology for displaying your menu, special offers, and product details in an attractive and captivating manner. You have the option to customize and manage your display from anywhere to keep your business current through your home or tablet computer. We provide the installation service, and we work with you to help you learn to make the most of your new system.

Multi Screen Touch monitors have been around for a while. However, the technology carries on improving, making the displays slimmer and the touch controls more precise. Additionally, with the increasing use of Multi-Touch monitors, more programs support multi-touch control, which makes these devices even more versatile and powerful tools.