featureDigital menu is focused on the food and hospitality industry, helping them to display their menus in a more attractive and user-friendly manner. Whether you are an owner of restaurant, café, deli or any such food business, our digital boards can add a unique touch to your business.

Some of the features that make our digital boards captivating and dependable are:

Captivating visuals: Digital menu can make your menu itself captivating, engaging through HD video, animated graphics, and easy to read text. Customers often find it unappealing to wait for the waters to present them menu or read those brochure type menus. You can make your restaurant menus attractive through digital menu boards and electronic menu

Total control:    Digital menu services provide full control on your digital menu board through custom menu design. You can use this software to make changes in price, position and pixel on any screen in any orientation. You can add your personal touch or themes according to restaurant or any special season.

Cloud based: Control your menu display from anywhere anytime through web browser and internet connection through digital signage software. You can easily manage and create different views and themes through cloud based management feature. It makes it much convenient to manage your menu even though you are not present in the restaurant. It saves time and effort along with impressing your clients.

Robust and reliable:    Digital menu services are reliable and robust for our customers. Fast food menu board will keep on working even if the internet connection is lost. We are available with customer support services round the clock 24*7 to help you in any regard. Any confusion about the service, any difficulty in using it, connection issue or display issue, we are available just a phone call away from you..

Few other features of Digital Menu are:

- Flexibility to renew and handle menu items with prices from a single location
- Schedule your different menus for display at different time of day-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu
- Affordable installation, easy to use and free maintenance
- Save money of printing static boards, brochure menus and card menus
- Add special themes, promotions and videos to advertise your gourmet menu